HTML5 Examples


HTML5 element examples

Examples of many HTML5 elements

There are many new elements. I provide a comprehensive list of these in the weblog part of this site. I only provide direct access to a few examples below.

New form elements

Some of the new form elements are provided in the example below. These include:

  • [but are not limited to]
    • new input types (try this page out on an Android phone and note what happens when you choose a given field). These types include: email, url, number, and tel.
    • new attribute - placeholder

Example form

  • Example 1 - new input elements and placeholder attribute.
  • Example 2 - new input elements and required attribute.
  • Example 3 - new input elements and autocomplete attribute.
  • Example 4 - new input elements and autofocus attribute.
  • Example 5 - datalist element.
  • Example 6 - majority of new input element type attribute examples (Opera is best browser to view implementation of these attributes).

Example local storage

  • Example 1 - example of setting, reading, and removing information in local storage. Your browser must support HTML5 for this to work.

Example audio inclusion

  • Example 1 - graceful degradation with <audio> element.

Example video inclusion

Example HTML5 Drag and Drop

  • Example 1 - from Adobe Labs (obtained via Widget browser). In order for this to work in most current browsers, a fair amount of code (JS and CSS) was employed by Adobe developers.