This page contains links (along with explanations) to various tools I have found useful. where possible, I have included examples to help readers better understand the capabilities of these tools.

Conversion tools

  • Wallaby (converts .fla files to HTML5) – review documentation as current support is limited (no Actionscript, no buttons, filters and so forth)

CSS-3 Tools

Graceful Degradation/ Progressive enhancement

  • Modernizr (to provide graceful degradation for older browsers)
  • Selectivizr (to handle many of CSS-3 issues not supported by IE 8 and lower)
  • eCSStender (also allows for use of CSS-3 features on older browsers)
  • CSS3 Pie (another alternative for support of IE 8 and lower)
  • CSS3 Sandpaper (smooth out CSS3 on older browsers)
  • WebForms2.0 (provides graceful degradation for older browsers)

Validation and structure

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