BATEC 2012

I spent the week of August 6 – 10, 2012 in the Boston, MA vicinity. I was teaching a week long seminar on mobile app development with an emphasis on HTML5, CSS-3 and jQuery Mobile. We relied on PhoneGap to actually develop the apps. This was another incredible week of teaching and discussions. I really appreciated all the insightful questions posed by those participating in the seminar. It was another honor to be invited to participate in this event. I really appreciated all the kind words and comments regarding the materials I developed and presented. I sincerely hope that these materials help participants modify their existing classes and include many of these new technologies. Many thanks to for coordinating this trip. I am most appreciative.

While in the Boston area, I took advantage of my spare time to explore the city. I walked the Freedom Trail from one end to the other; climbed the Bunker Hill Monument (294 steps), explored the U.S.S. Constitution (oldest active warship in the world) and much more. I took a number of photos and have included a random selection below. Feel free to click on any of the photos to examine the entire set I have posted at Flickr.


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Working Connections, Texas, 2012

I had the great honor of being invited to speak on HTML5, CSS-3, JavaScript and jQuery (and development of mobile apps) at the 2012 Working Connections, Texas. This happened during the week of July 9 – 13, 2012 in Frisco, Texas. We covered the implications of multiple screen devices in teaching and learning along with the basics of how to create apps using our knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Everyone agreed with my observation that we are in the Connection Revolution (or Electronic Revolution) [moving beyond the Industrial Revolution]. We also agreed that there is about 1 more year to prepare for the coming wave of changes as mobile devices become the de facto model for teaching and learning (and students will expect content to be delivered in this multi-screen environment).

We covered tools such as PhoneGap, Dreamweaver CS6, Adobe Edge and Adobe MUSE along with an overview of various Adobe Touch apps (such as Proto and Photoshop Touch).

As part of the final day, we focused on barriers and issues facing us as teachers of rapidly changing technologies. That information is being compiled and will be placed elsewhere (probably the website). Additionally, I learned of the internship company formed by Sami (and Pam and others). This is definitely something I wish I had the bandwidth to participate in myself. It was great to have so many interactions with passionate and dedicated teachers. I am humbled by the exceedingly positive feedback and comments received by participants throughout the week.

In addition to learning about the above topics, our class consumed 7.5 pounds of chocolate during the week.

I provide a few photos below (which you can view in more detail on Flickr). I tried to capture some of the main attractions in Frisco in addition to conveying what happened during the week long class.

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MPICT 2012

I had the honor of being one of the initial presenters at the first MPICT held in southern California. From June 11 – 15, 2012, I taught the track on aligning and updating web curricula. My focus was on HTML5, CSS-3, and Adobe Touch apps. I tried to stress the implications to business, industry and education as mobile and multi-screen computing becomes prevalent. The implications for mLearning are immense. I also gave an overview of the class to everyone attending the conference on Wednesday morning. I really appreciated all the positive feedback and comments from everyone throughout the week. Yes, I do sleep (question someone asked via feedback).

Many thanks to Bill Cullifer (Executive Director of for taking the time to participate in the summary and action discussion on Friday.

For those who are curious, we did not consume as much chocolate as usual during my classes. Only 3.5 pounds during the entire week. I suspect it was because of all the additional food and treats offered during the week.

Once again, I feel that I have met some wonderful, passionate, and dedicated teachers of web technologies. Those following these posts know that I was asked to speak at MPICT 2011 held at City College of San Francisco last June. I am honored that you asked me to return this year and spend a week with you covering new and emerging technologies and providing a solid foundation of new information you can use in your classes this fall (and beyond).

For those unable to attend, you might want to review the Twitter hashtag #MPICT2012 to obtain a better sense of what was discussed during the entire week.

For those who are curious, I provide a few photos of Coastline Community College (Garden Grove, CA campus) and the class itself. I encourage you to click on one of the thumbnail images below and view the set at Flickr. I believe you can also view this set as a slideshow at Flickr. As I mentioned earlier, I am most appreciative of all the positive feedback I received during the week. I am glad everyone enjoyed the class and learned a lot.

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Working Connections 2012

I taught the Practical HTML5 and CSS-3 class at the Illinois Working Connections¬† conference held in Springfield from May 21 – 25. It was a full class and we had a lot of fun. Since I had recently experienced eye surgery, someone decided I should have a pirate costume. Some of the photos show what happens when your code doesn’t validate. Make sure you find the photos of the entire class sleeping (including me). Also, look for the Edge ninja. Really had to convince everyone to pretend to sleep after 4 days of developing all sorts of examples which could be used in classes (and consuming lots of chocolate). I recommend clicking on one of the photos below to review the set on Flickr.

For those who care, our class consumed 7 pounds of chocolate during the week. I do have a reputation to uphold. Don’t worry – it was a lot less than 1/2 pound per participant (and consumed over the course of 5 days). I hope everyone had as much fun in the class as I did. Already looking forward to next year. Those who are interested in learning a bit more about the class can search for the Twitter tag #wcil2012

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Alternate view of Canvas element

During the May, 2012 Working Connections conference in Springfield, Illinois, we had a guest visitor. He understood we would be working with canvas and jumped to a different conclusion than the rest of the class. Many thanks to Doug Orwig for this fine presentation (and to Jessie Maske for recording it). I have not had any time to edit the original, but wanted to get this available as soon as possible. Hope you enjoy this as much as the class did. I know the audio is a bit soft, but it was the best the camera could do… After all, my classes “are like a box of chocolates…”

No, I did not have time to edit this video. As I mentioned in class many times last week – “just deal with it.”

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HTML5 job trends

I participated in a seminar this morning and it was mentioned that HTML5 has the hottest trends in terms of job postings. Thought I would share this with others. By the way, iOS is #3, Android is #4, mobile app is # 5, jQuery is #8 and social media is #10.

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CSS-3 Flexible Box Model

I gave a short presentation on the current state of the CSS-3 Flexible Box Model at the February 14, 2012 meeting of the Central Illinois Adobe User Group and Web Professional chapter. I have included a recording of this presentation below. Note that the audio is louder than I realized when recording (you might want to turn your speakers down). I recommend viewing this in full screen mode. Those who would like a copy of the actual slides can download them from this link.

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MPICT 2011

I had the distinct pleasure of speaking on HTML5 and CSS-3 at the MPICT conference at City College of San Francisco in mid-June. I modified my materials a bit based on feedback received from the Working Connections conference. It was great to discuss emerging topics with such another group of dedicated and enthusiastic people. I feel like I have a new set of friends on the West Coast. Lots of great interactions and learning about HTML5 and CSS-3. We shared a number of resources which we developed during the week. Bill Cullifer (Executive Director of attended the class on Wednesday and we discussed the challenges and opportunities we face as teachers. Surprisingly, the issues I face in the Midwest are nearly identical to those faced by peers on the West Coast. Since I have a reputation as someone who likes chocolate, I felt compelled to bring some to class each day. We managed to consume 146 squares of Ghiradelli chocolates during the course of the week.

I provide a few photos of the class. I encourage you to click on one of the thumbnail images below and view the set at Flickr. I believe you can also view this set as a slideshow at Flickr. I hope these photos captured some of the great experiences we had during mid-June in San Francisco. My thanks to those who completed the feedback forms. I am honored to receive such nice comments and kind words.

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Working Connections 2011

I taught a class on HTML5 and CSS-3 at the 2011 Working Connections IT Faculty Development Institute in May. I used this website as a reference for much of our in class discussion. I thought I would share a few photos from that class on this page. These are photos chosen at random from a set at Flickr. Just click on the photo to examine a larger view or to view all these as part of a slide show at Flickr. We had a great time and I hope these photos convey some of that experience. I really appreciated all the great questions and insights and discussions during the week. Yes, I am also wearing the HTML5 shirt in some of the photos (this is the shirt I won in a promotion). Lastly, we really did consume 7 pounds of chocolate during the week.

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Example pages

I am preparing for a series of week long classes this summer dealing with HTML5 and CSS-3.¬† I thought it might be helpful to those taking the classes to have access to a resource which summarized many of the HTML5 elements and CSS-3 properties. I have also tried to include example web pages. they are not meant to be “pretty.” They are meant to be examined and dissected (view the source code is my mantra for each). Where possible, I have tried to focus on a single concept on each of the example pages. My intent is that individuals can select the source code from a given page and use that as a starting template for subsequent work in class.

Move your cursor over the HTML5 and CSS-3 tabs. You can either choose the main category (by clicking on HTML5, for example), or one of the sub-topics.

I intend these pages to be a work in progress. Therefore, I expect to add more information and examples over time. I also expect to modify these pages based on the feedback received from the seminars I am giving this summer.

If you wish to comment on this weblog, please do so. Understand that I have set up a review process to reduce the amount of weblog SPAM. It may be a few days before your comment is accepted and published. However, all legitimate comments will eventually be displayed (whether they are positive or negative).

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