<meter> element – used to display a scalar gauge (within a known range or fractional value). For example, could display the available amount of free space on a server.

Usage: this element is used to display a gauge of some sort. Think in terms of free space on a disk drive or some sort of temperature gauge or similar.

Permitted Content: any element containing phrasing elements.

Tag omission: both start and end tag must be present for <meter> element.

Example code:

<p>Free Disk Space (%): <meter value=’0.209951603364′ min=”0″ max=”1″ optimum=”0.5″></meter></p>

Example page (opens in a new tab/ window – view source code):

Default display properties: display: block.

Common Attributes: typical global attributes along with

  • value (measured value shown by meter),
  • min (lower bound of range),
  • high (lower boundary of high segment),
  • low (upper boundary of low segment),
  • max (upper boundary of range),
  • optimum (optimum position for the meter).

Permitted Parent Elements: any element which can contain phrasing or flow elements.


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