February, 2016 Puzzler

For my puzzler this month, I pose this challenge…

When developing a website to display on mobile devices (as well as the desktop),we often use media queries. What if… your client doesn’t want you to use media queries. Are there any alternatives you could use so a web page displayed on a mobile device with no horizontal scrolling (and you didn’t need to do a lot of pinch/ zoom).

To get you started, consider that you could use responsive text (with percentages). Here is an example of such a page. Yes, this example is just a proof of concept.

One could also make judicious use of float. Here is an example of such a page. Again, no horizontal scrolling.

Ok, now you see where I am going – are there any other approaches (short answer is yes) so you do not have horizontal scrolling on a web page and the display adapts to the size of the screen without horizontal scrolling. What alternate approaches might you recommend to a client?

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