January, 2016 Puzzler

The spring semester starts this week. I thought it might be appropriate to review a simple error which I see all too often. In this case, I am working with an experimental feature in CSS called CSS grids. I would need the Canary browser with Experimental Web Platform features enabled in order to properly view the page. That being said, I can provide a couple of screen captures. For those who want to examine the source code and solve the challenge, here is a link to the problem child. Just view the source code. I only made one small error.

Here is what the page looks like in Canary. Everything is on top of each other. Please look at the code and help me out.

Problems with CSSHere is what I want that page to look like in Canary.

Desired resultThe first to correctly identify the problem will get a “gold star” in my reply to their posted comment. Are you up to the challenge?

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