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Edge Reflow – the code

Last week, I examined the recently released Adobe Edge Reflow tool itself. I thought it might be worthwhile to examine the generated code. For reference purposes, the file I created last week is the one I plan to examine in … Continue reading

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Adobe Edge Reflow – first look

Responsive design (where content is modified to display on a given device) is easy to discuss and sometimes difficult to implement. Not only should your text be positioned properly for various devices, but images and fonts should respond accordingly. The … Continue reading

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Less CSS

CSS files can become quite large/ cumbersome. Additionally, there are some issues with CSS. These include: not having an ability to use math (for example take current border width and add 5 pixels to it), not being able to reuse … Continue reading

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Node.js Server (part 3 of 3)

Now that we have some understanding of some of the capabilities of Node.js, it is time to investigate its true strength – as a web server. Recall that many reseller accounts will not allow Node.js to act as a server … Continue reading

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