MPICT 2012

I had the honor of being one of the initial presenters at the first MPICT held in southern California. From June 11 – 15, 2012, I taught the track on aligning and updating web curricula. My focus was on HTML5, CSS-3, and Adobe Touch apps. I tried to stress the implications to business, industry and education as mobile and multi-screen computing becomes prevalent. The implications for mLearning are immense. I also gave an overview of the class to everyone attending the conference on Wednesday morning. I really appreciated all the positive feedback and comments from everyone throughout the week. Yes, I do sleep (question someone asked via feedback).

Many thanks to Bill Cullifer (Executive Director of for taking the time to participate in the summary and action discussion on Friday.

For those who are curious, we did not consume as much chocolate as usual during my classes. Only 3.5 pounds during the entire week. I suspect it was because of all the additional food and treats offered during the week.

Once again, I feel that I have met some wonderful, passionate, and dedicated teachers of web technologies. Those following these posts know that I was asked to speak at MPICT 2011 held at City College of San Francisco last June. I am honored that you asked me to return this year and spend a week with you covering new and emerging technologies and providing a solid foundation of new information you can use in your classes this fall (and beyond).

For those unable to attend, you might want to review the Twitter hashtag #MPICT2012 to obtain a better sense of what was discussed during the entire week.

For those who are curious, I provide a few photos of Coastline Community College (Garden Grove, CA campus) and the class itself. I encourage you to click on one of the thumbnail images below and view the set at Flickr. I believe you can also view this set as a slideshow at Flickr. As I mentioned earlier, I am most appreciative of all the positive feedback I received during the week. I am glad everyone enjoyed the class and learned a lot.

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