Working Connections 2012

I taught the Practical HTML5 and CSS-3 class at the Illinois Working Connections¬† conference held in Springfield from May 21 – 25. It was a full class and we had a lot of fun. Since I had recently experienced eye surgery, someone decided I should have a pirate costume. Some of the photos show what happens when your code doesn’t validate. Make sure you find the photos of the entire class sleeping (including me). Also, look for the Edge ninja. Really had to convince everyone to pretend to sleep after 4 days of developing all sorts of examples which could be used in classes (and consuming lots of chocolate). I recommend clicking on one of the photos below to review the set on Flickr.

For those who care, our class consumed 7 pounds of chocolate during the week. I do have a reputation to uphold. Don’t worry – it was a lot less than 1/2 pound per participant (and consumed over the course of 5 days). I hope everyone had as much fun in the class as I did. Already looking forward to next year. Those who are interested in learning a bit more about the class can search for the Twitter tag #wcil2012

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