MPICT 2011

I had the distinct pleasure of speaking on HTML5 and CSS-3 at the MPICT conference at City College of San Francisco in mid-June. I modified my materials a bit based on feedback received from the Working Connections conference. It was great to discuss emerging topics with such another group of dedicated and enthusiastic people. I feel like I have a new set of friends on the West Coast. Lots of great interactions and learning about HTML5 and CSS-3. We shared a number of resources which we developed during the week. Bill Cullifer (Executive Director of attended the class on Wednesday and we discussed the challenges and opportunities we face as teachers. Surprisingly, the issues I face in the Midwest are nearly identical to those faced by peers on the West Coast. Since I have a reputation as someone who likes chocolate, I felt compelled to bring some to class each day. We managed to consume 146 squares of Ghiradelli chocolates during the course of the week.

I provide a few photos of the class. I encourage you to click on one of the thumbnail images below and view the set at Flickr. I believe you can also view this set as a slideshow at Flickr. I hope these photos captured some of the great experiences we had during mid-June in San Francisco. My thanks to those who completed the feedback forms. I am honored to receive such nice comments and kind words.

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