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I am preparing for a series of week long classes this summer dealing with HTML5 and CSS-3.  I thought it might be helpful to those taking the classes to have access to a resource which summarized many of the HTML5 elements and CSS-3 properties. I have also tried to include example web pages. they are not meant to be “pretty.” They are meant to be examined and dissected (view the source code is my mantra for each). Where possible, I have tried to focus on a single concept on each of the example pages. My intent is that individuals can select the source code from a given page and use that as a starting template for subsequent work in class.

Move your cursor over the HTML5 and CSS-3 tabs. You can either choose the main category (by clicking on HTML5, for example), or one of the sub-topics.

I intend these pages to be a work in progress. Therefore, I expect to add more information and examples over time. I also expect to modify these pages based on the feedback received from the seminars I am giving this summer.

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