All I can say is Рclearly not ready for prime time. I created a simple video page. Of course, different browsers support different codecs (or none at all). Therefore, I have to create a Theora Ogg format (yes, open source, but not readily available as one of the choices for more of the video converters I have at my  disposal). Looked online and found Miro Converter. Ok, I have now downloaded one and made the necessary conversion. Even got a poster image from the video. Yes, lots of capabilities, but only Safari 5 appears to properly support the appropriate HTML5 <video> element. This has a long way to go before it is working in multiple browsers. At the time of this post (August, 2010), it would seem a whole lot easier to simply create a Flash snippet and embed the video accordingly. Just my 2 cents. Again, one must code for graceful degradation (just like for audio).

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